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Bonzai Lyrics – Action Bronson

My life, my life

It’s been a minute but your boy back with it
Time to enjoy my chicken Uh
Motherfucker, this is big business
My product bangin’ like a baked biscuit Yeah
Daddy back with his long white Cadillac
Now it’s time to take a nappy-nap Yup
I’m so chill, it’s like I’m in a circle playing hacky-sack
Embroidered dragon on the satin jacket, bastard
I’m always eatin’ dinner
Still got the body of a swimmer and I don’t like winter no more
You can catch me where the grass is greener
Blastin’ Aaliyah Uh
Sleep with amethysts around the bed
Quartz go around my head like a force field
Open portals to the stars and it’s all real Yeah, and it’s all real, yeah
Open portals to the stars and it’s all real
Now I’m layin’ in the bed naked
My chick said I look like Kevin Bacon For real

I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not but I’ll take it
Three dice in my hand, I might as well shake it Head crack
Mommy needs a kitchen set
She off the boat, she don’t even know The Simpsons yet That’s crazy
Told her, “Baby, you ain’t livin’ yet” That’s crazy!
Nah, you ain’t livin’ yet
I might hang off the side of the mountain to trim a bonsai Uh
Perfect 10 on the swan dive, uh Uh
I could never do no wrong in my mom’s eyes
Damn, time flies, and it don’t wait for no one Nobody
Crash the Benz, buy a new one
And get my baby one too ’cause she a true one
I’ll get the red, you get the blue one Yeah
I rolled up and then I blew one and she did too, uh

Seen Tom Hardy on the street a few weeks ago
Tom Hardy knew what a real cowboy was
Jimmy Page and Led Zepplin
Were the last ones with this much sauce..

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