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Taylor Hawkins Solo Single ‘Range Rover Bitch’

Foo Fighter’s Drummer Taylor Hawkins released his solo single.

Taylor Hawkins released his first solo video song ‘Range Rover Bitch’ from his debut album ‘KOTA’. The album was released on November 11. The video song is directed by Liam Lynch. Hawkins said the ‘Range Rover Bitch’ “came from the fact that he live in Calabasas.”

In an Interview to Rollingstone Taylor Hawkins said: Liam Lynch did an incredible job on the ‘Range Rover Bitch’ video. I think our shared love of that pre MTV late ’70s/very early ’80s direct to video late night television Don Kirshner Midnight Special vibe really shines through on this video. He really captured that Kim Carnes, Nick Gilder feel.

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